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Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy
by Jamie Weir, Peter H. Abrahams



Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology
by William E. Brant (Editor), Clyde A. Helms (Editor)

Marie Curie
by Kathleen Krull

Marie Curie and Her Daughters
by Shelley Emling


The Radiology of Emergency Medicine
by John H. Harris (Editor),
William H. Harris (Editor), Hopkins Harris

Fraser and Pare's Diagnosis of Diseases of the Chest (4 Volume set)
by Richard S. Fraser (Editor), Nestor L. Muller, Neil Colman,
P. D. Pare (Editor), Lisette Bralow (Editor)


Synopsis of Diseases of the Chest
by Richard S. Fraser, J. A. Peter Pare, Robert G. Fraser

Thoracic Radiology: the Requisites
by Theresa C. McLoud

Thoracic Imaging: Case Review
by Phillip M. Boiselle, MD, Theresa C. McLoud, MD


High-Resolution CT of the Lung
by W. Richard Webb (Editor), Nestor L. Muller, David P. Naidich

Gastrointestinal Radiology
by Ronald L. Eisenberg

Gastrointestinal Imaging: Case Review Series
by Robert D. Halpert

Genitourinary Imaging: Case Review Series
by Ronald J. Zagoria, MD, William W. Mayo-Smith, MD, Julia A. Fielding, MD

Fundamentals of Uroradiology 
by Michael R. Williamson, Anthony Y. Smith, Ali Smith




Computed Body Tomography with MRI Correlation (2 Volume Set)
by Joseph K. T. Lee (Editor), Stuart S. Sagel (Editor), Robert J. Stanley (Editor), Jay P. Heiken (Editor)

Fundamentals of Body CT
by W. Richard Webb, William Brant, Nancy Major

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Body
by Charles B. Higgins (Editor), Hedvig Hricak (Editor),
Clyde A. Helms (Editor)

Abdominal-Pelvic MRI
by Richard C. Semelka (Author)

Oncologic Imaging by David G. Bragg (Editor), Philip Rubin (Editor), Hedvig Hricak (Editor)

Diagnostic Ultrasound (2 Volume Set)
by Carol Rumack, Stephanie Wilson, William Charboneau, Deborah Levine

Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology
by Peter W. Callen

General and Vascular Ultrasound
by William D. Middleton

Obstetric and Gynecological Ultrasound Case Review
by Karen L. Reuter, T. Kemi Babagemi

Breast Imaging Companion
by Gilda Cardenosa

Breast Imaging
by Daniel B., Kopans, MD Lippincott-Raven

Atlas of Breast Imaging
by Daniel B. Kopans, MD

Musculoskeletal Imaging: The Requisites
by B. J. Manaster, MD et al

Handbook of Skeletal Radiology
by B. J. Manaster

Bone and Joint Imaging
by Donald Resnick, MD, Lisette Bralow (Editor)

Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Disorders (5-Volume Set)
by Donald Resnick

Musculoskeletal MRI
by Clyde A. Helms, Nancy M. Major, Mark W. Anderson,
Phoebe A. Kaplan, Robert Dussault

Fundamentals of Skeletal Radiology
by Clyde A. Helms

Pocket Atlas of MRI Musculoskeletal Anatomy
by Thomas H. Berquist

MRI of the Musculoskeletal System
by Thomas H. Berquist (Editor)

Atlas of Normal Roentgen Variants That May Simulate Disease
by Theodore E. Keats, MD, Mark W. Anderson, MD

Diagnostic Neuroradiology
by Anne G. Osborn

PocketRadiologist: Brain Top 100 Diagnoses
by Anne G. Osborn, MD, Susan I. Blaser, MD, Karen L. Salzman, MD

Brain Imaging (Case Review Series)
by Laurie A. Loevner

Spine Imaging: Case Review Series
by Brian C. Bowen, MD, PhD, Alfonso Rivera, MD,
Efrat Saraf-Lavi, MD

Caffey's Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging with Website (2-Volume Set)
by Thomas L. Slovis MD (Author), et al.

Differential Diagnosis in Pediatric Radiology
by Leonard E. Swischuk, MD, Susan D. John, MD

Emergency Imaging of the Acutely Ill or Injured Child
by Leonard E. Swischuk, MD

Pediatric Neuroimaging
by A. James Barkovich, MD

Pediatric Radiology Casebase
by Joanna J. Seibert (Editor), Charles A. James (Editor)

Essentials of Nuclear Medicine Imaging
by Fred A. Mettler, Jr., MD, Milton J. Guiberteau, MD

Nuclear Medicine Case Review
by Harvey A. Ziessman, MD; Patrice K. Rehm Mosby

Nuclear Medicine Imaging: A Teaching File
by M. Reza Habibian (Editor), Dominique Delbeke, William H. Martin, Martin P. Sandler (Editor), João V. Vitola

Interventional Radiology Essentials
by Jeanne M. Laberge (Editor), Wilson

Synopsis of Castanedas's Interventional Radiology
by Hector Ferral, Haraldur Bjarnason (Editor), Zhong Qian (Editor)


Teaching Atlas of Interventional Radiology: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Angiography
by Saadoon Kadir (Editor)

Aunt Minnie's Atlas and Imaging-Specific Diagnosis
by Thomas L. Pope, Jr.

Clinical Imaging: An Atlas of Differential Diagnosis
by Ronald L. Eisenberg

Review of Radiological Physics
by Walter Huda, Richard M. Slone, Mikkel Tucker Aaland

Christensen's Physics of Diagnostic Radiology
by Thomas S. Curry, James E. Dowdey, Robert C. Murry, Jr.

The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging (2nd Edition)
by Jerrold T. Bushberg, J. Anthony Seibert, Edwin M. Leidholdt Jr., John M. Boone