Committee Volunteer Interest Form

Join the team of committed AAWR members who volunteer their time and expertise to help the association carry out its mission, goals, and purpose. Volunteers are the foundation for AAWR's growth and its success can be directly attributed to the many members, past and present, who have generously shared their knowledge and expertise.

You can make a difference by serving on an AAWR committee. To submit your name for consideration for committee appointment, please review and complete the Volunteer Interest Form below.


  • Committee chair and member terms begin in January.
  • Committee Chair terms are up to 3 years.
  • A committee member term is up to 3 years and may also serve subsequent terms as Committee Chair.

AWWR Committee Listings

Awards Committee

Communications: Sub Committees- Social Media, Newsletter, Pocket Mentor and Website

Fellowship Application Review Committee


Membership Committee


Nominating Committee