AAWR at ACR 2015


Dr. Carol Rumack inspired all who attended the AAWR breakfast meeting at ACR.  Her presentation of “Why Women Don’t Ask” gave us food for thought while we enjoyed our breakfast.

One of the more telling stories shared by Dr. Rumack centered on a group of men and women who participated in a project with the understanding that  payment was to be set between $3 and $10. Many men received $10 while women received $3.  Women, for the most part, accepted the lowest possible payment without any further questioning.  She also relayed that men were mainly chosen to head summer programs in graduate studies.  Upon request of explanation, it was pointed out that women simply didn’t ask to head the programs so they were not appointed.

We have a lot to learn and Dr. Rumack has a lot to share.  She embodies her words of wisdom.  She puts them into action by nominating women to higher positions in organizations such as AAMC and the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine program. Her message is twofold: be bold enough to sell yourself and ask for what you deserve. If you find yourself being the woman with more opportunities then be secure enough to lend a hand to the one climbing the ladder.

At a time when the venue was changing for the ACR meeting, we were delayed in securing a location for the event.  Dr. Rumack was willing to step in as a late request and share her thoughts. We gained from her career experience, her generosity in sharing the precious commodity of time, and her tangible application of principles.