International Corresponding Membership

Ewa Kuligowska, M.D. FACR
Professor of Radiology,
Boston University Medical School of Medicine
Chief of Ultrasound, Boston Medical Center  

Cordially Welcome!

I want to welcome you to join the AAWR and participate in our many activities. Our goal is to enhance and strengthen the personal and professional lives of women radiologists throughout the world. Join us.  You will have the opportunity to meet colleagues from many nations and participate in the AAWR meetings and activities.

Corresponding International AAWR Members shall be defined as radiologists living outside of the United States or Canada. Corresponding International members may serve on Ad Hoc Committees, but shall not have the right to vote or hold office.

Activities and Benefits:

  • Access to the electronic version of the American Journal of Radiology
  • Access to the AAWR Web page including the International Membership section which will offer resources for women radiologists throughout the world.
  • Access to the On-line AAWR Newsletter Focus.
  • Access to the AAWR membership directory listing all active AAWR members and their contact information, to facilitate networking and exchange of ideas.
  • Access to the AAWR Message Board for posting questions and participation in discussions related to the professional and personal life of women radiologists all over the world.
  • Participation in all AAWR activities at national meetings, including ARRS and RSNA.
  • Service on Ad Hoc Committees.

Mini-Fellowship (planned):

  • AAWR will advocate, promote, and facilitate the development of mini-fellowships - short-term training opportunities at Radiology centers in the USA. These opportunities will be listed on the International Membership Web page.
  • The responsibility for training will reside in each fellowship program and funding will be provided by the visiting fellows and sponsoring institutions.


International Corresponding Member $15

Member Categories

Active Member:

A board certified radiologist, radiation oncologist or physicist in U.S. or Canada. Active members may vote and hold all offices.

Annual Dues rate = $175.00


Associate Member:

A non-board certified radiologist in U.S. or Canada. Associate members may vote and serve on committees but may not hold office. .

Annual Dues rate = $175.00

Transitional Member:

A radiologist, radiation biologist or physicist who is in their first or second year of practice in U.S. or Canada. 

Annual Dues rate = $75.00 

Emeritus member

An individual who previously held active member status but are no longer practicing. Emeritus members shall have the right to vote and serve on committees but shall not have the right to hold office.

 Annual Dues rate = $25.00

Corresponding International Member

Radiologist outside the U.S. or Canada. Corresponding International members may serve on Ad Hoc Committees but shall not have the right to vote or hold office. 

 Annual Dues rate = $25.00


A Resident or in a Fellowship. Residency and Fellowship must be documented by the program. Members-In-Training may not vote or hold office buy may serve on some committees with vote.

 Annual Dues rate = $25.00

If you require membership assistance please contact:

Membership Services
703-476-7650 (direct)