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The Value of AAWR Membership

The AAWR was founded in 1981 to address social and economic issues facing women in radiology. The profession of radiology is dramatically changing, with increasing representation by women. We invite radiologists, radiation oncologists, radiation physicists, and radiation biologists, and those allies who support them. We have membership categories for those who have completed their training as well as members-in-training.

In addition, we offer membership to international radiologists.

AAWR strives to meet the diverse and changing needs of its members. Our accomplishments are extensive:

  1. We encourage and support greater participation of women at all levels in radiological societies, and promote women in leadership positions.
  2. We provide a forum for discussion of new and current topics in the fields of radiology and medicine, focusing on issues of specific interest to women.
  3. We sponsor lectures and discussions on topics of interest to women including gender equality, mentors in radiology, and tailoring professional careers to help balance the requirements of home and the workplace.
  4. Our program committee develops refresher courses for RSNA. We hold discussion sessions at major national meetings, including the RSNA, ACR annual meeting, and the ASTRO.
  5. We provide members with quarterly newsletters, and access to online Members' Network, which includes: Membership Directory, newsletter Focus, and ACR Fellowship Resources
  6. Membership for residents and fellows is complementary! Dues are markedly discounted for radiologists in their first and second year in practice.
  7. We recognize women who have been outstanding in the fields of radiology and radiation oncology, who have excelled as educators, role models, researchers, or as residents in training.
  8. We promote networking opportunities for women that result in valuable contacts and the exchange of inside information the female equivalent of the "old boys club".
  9. We encourage members to apply for fellowship in the ACR, and have provided helpful information to assist in the application process.

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Membership Levels


A board certified radiologist, radiation oncologist, or physicist in the U.S. or Canada. Active members may vote and hold all offices.

*Please add multiyear memberships available

Annual Dues Rate = $200.00

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A non-board certified radiologist, a person in radiology industry, or an ally (domestic and international). Associate members may vote and serve on committees but may not hold office. 

*Please add multiyear memberships available

Annual Dues Rate = $200.00

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A radiologist, radiation biologist, or physicist who is in their first or second year of practice in U.S. or Canada. 

*Please add multiyear memberships available

Annual Dues Rate = $75.00

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An individual who previously held active member status but is no longer practicing. Emeritus members shall have the right to vote and serve on committees but shall not have the right to hold office.

Annual Dues Rate = $25.00

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A radiologist outside the U.S. or Canada. Corresponding International members may serve on Ad Hoc Committees but shall not have the right to vote or hold office. 

Annual Dues Rate = $150.00

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A Resident or a Fellow. Residency and Fellowship must be documented by the program. Medical Students are also welcome! Members-In-Training may not vote or hold office but may serve on some committees with vote.

Annual Dues Rate = FREE

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Okemos, MI 48864

Phone: (517) 657-7883
Email: info@aawr.org

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