The Association held its annual luncheons, hosted a Refresher Course for the RSNA, and offered a Speed Mentoring session for trainees.


AAWR Annual Business Meeting Luncheon

 Election of the 2015 AAWR Executive Committee was followed by the announcement of the 2015 Marie Sklodowska-Cure Award Winner, Dr. Kimberly Applegate.


AAWR Presidential Luncheon:  Kimberly Applegate, MD, MS of Emory University spoke on “Quality and Safety Research, Teaching, and Administration:  Unlimited Career Opportunities”.  She emphasized that the keys to quality in radiology and radiation oncology are teamwork, checklists and reminders, policies and audit practices, and continual investigation of events followed with practice quality improvement initiatives.  As Dr. Applegate stated “Improvement can happen using both near misses and real misses when people work together in teams to make patient care better.”


Resident’s Luncheon: Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR of Weill Cornell Medical College spoke on the topic of “Healthcare Payment and Policy” at the 2015 AAWR Resident’s Luncheon.  She discussed the implicit differences in Fee for Service and Pay for Performance models.  She stressed the increasing role of patient awareness in the healthcare system and methods for radiologists and radiation oncologists to adapt their current practice to succeed in both models.


Refresher Course: The Association continued the tradition of hosting an annual AAWR Refresher Course at the RSNA.  The 2015 course, “Career Development for Women Radiologists and Women Radiation Oncologists”, provided attendants with a variety of methods to approach and achieve professional success.   Susan Ackerman, MD of the Medical University of South Carolina moderated.  Topics and speakers included:

Residency: What Does it Take?, Rachel Nelson, MD
Climbing the Ladder: Challenges and Opportunity, Madeline Lewis, MD
Challenges of Private Practice: How to be Successful, Beatriz Amendola, MD
Women at the Top: Do’s and Don’ts, Carol Rumack, MD

Speed Mentoring

The AAWR hosted a 1 and ½ hour speed mentoring session allowing members in training to interact directly with more senior AAWR members in a casual setting.  Topics of discussion included work/life balance, getting involved in organized radiology, academic mentoring, contract negotiations, and climbing the ladder.

AAWR R&E Report

 Yoshimi Anzai, MD MPH
2015 AAWR R&E Foundation President
University of Utah

A few months before the last RSNA meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that 74 members have supported AAWR for the past 25 years or longer.  We decided to call those loyal AAWR members for over a quarter century "25 plus years."  Those dedicated members are truly the backbone of our organization.  


To celebrate thrive and success of AAWR, the AAWR R&E dinner was held at the Signature Room, on the 95th floor at John Hancock Building on Sunday during the last RSNA.  The venue was absolutely lovely, overlooking a gorgeous city view in Chicago (photo 1).  The dinner was fantastic, and the service was impeccable.  Moreover, we enjoyed our friendship, comradely, conversation over a glass of wine (photo 2).   I would like to thank Dr. Carol Rumack and Dr. Spring Kong, who came up with the dinner idea to support AAWR R&E.  The AAWR R&E dinner made everyone feel supported and empowered.  A week after the RSNA, we unanimously decided to make the Sunday dinner an annual event.  We already reserve the same venue, John Hancock Center on Sunday during 2016 RSNA.  I recognize that many of you have a very busy schedule during RSNA.  Please mark your calendar right NOW!  Please bring your spouse and friends. This venue is open for every AAWR member, not just for "25 plus years." I do have many years before joining the 25 plus club.


For members of  "25 plus years" including who could not attend AAWR event during the last RSNA, we reached out to them and sent our gifts of recognition.  These were a shocking pink "AAWR 25+ years" ribbon that you may want to add on your nametag, an AAWR lanyard with retractable badge reel, and a small AAWR pin. As the President of AAWR R&E Foundation, I would like to thank you sincerely for your long-term commitment to supporting and mentoring women in diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology. 





RSNA Celebration Dinner