Managing increasing professional responsibilities, busy schedules, and personal life demands can be overwhelming. This is further complicated when dealing with uncertainty. How do we ensure we continue to grow in our professional and personal lives when faced with challenges outside of our control?

For the second installment in our Work-Life Harmony series, we have invited two nationally recognized leaders in Radiology and Radiation Oncology - Carolynn M. DeBenedectis, MD and Jessica Schuster, MD to discuss ways that they have navigated this time of uncertainty while continuing to meet their professional and personal objectives.

Join our discussion and learn how to: 

  ‣ Overcome challenges when shifting to new working environments
  ‣ Stay connected to family when faced with increasing work demands
  ‣ Set SMART goals and remain productive in the face of distractions 
  ‣ Maintain personal wellness in times of uncertainty

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Dr. Jessica Schuster is an Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Human Oncology, Assistant Residency Director and Radiation Oncology Regional Outreach Director at the University of Wisconsin. She completed residency in 2015 from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University). Interests include general radiation oncology with focus on breast and head and neck, palliative care, patient and resident education, and physician well-being. Nationally participates on ASTRO’s workforce and CME education committee and ACRO new practitioner committee. Recently completed work-life balance panel for ACRO 2020. She has three wonderful and energetic boys – James (6), Jacob (4) with Down syndrome, and Jason (almost 1 year). She additionally advises the Kappa Alpha Theta undergraduate sorority and board member of MADSS (Madison Area Down Syndrome Society).
Dr. Carolynn DeBenedectis is an Associate Professor of Radiology, in the Division of Breast Imaging, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She also serves as the Vice Chair for Education and Director of the Radiology Residency Program there. Dr. DeBenedectis' research interests include Patient and Family Centered Care in Radiology/Communication Skills Training and Diversity and Inclusion in Radiology with a focus on women in Radiology. Dr. DeBenedectis serves as co-chair of the APDR Diversity Committee and is a member of the AUR Diversity Committee. Dr. DeBenedectis has numerous publications and has given numerous invited lectures at national and international conferences about how to increase the number of women in radiology.